The Beginning

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am so happy to share my first post with you!
This blog was in my mind for such a long time and last month I told myself: just do it!
On my blog I wanna write about three things in my life I am passionate about. The name of the blog already says it: I love to train, I love to treat myself, I love to travel!

I am living the healthy and fit lifestyle since quite a long time. I started with the BBG 1.0 in  May 2014. The beginning was hard and I failed a few times. I did the BBG 1 twice and the BBG 2 once. About one year ago in September 2015 I began with lifting in the gym and that was when I became addicted to it. Right now I don’t have a gym membership and I workout at home. I really miss the gym but I have to save money for my other passion: traveling!

On 4th December me and my boyfriend will fly to Singapore and we will travel South East Asia for 3 months! For me that was also a reason to start this blog. I wanna blog about being healthy and active during traveling because I know that this can be hard sometimes. It is also kind of a challenge for me.

I would love to see you again on my blog and would be grateful for every comment, like or share that supports my blog ♥


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