Top 18 Lower Body Plyo Exercises

Youtube Video


I filmed my favourite plyometric exercises for the Lower Body.
These exercises target your legs and glutes and can be performed at home or at the gym.
You don’t need any equipment, even for the last two exercises you don’t have to use a bench, and you will definitely break a sweat!

I include this style of exercises in my workout everyday. This fast and explosive movements improve muscular power, speed and strength. Your heart rate goes very high and you burn a lot of calories!

But always keep in mind that form comes over speed!  These moves can be quite risky when you don’t focus on your form. When performing any type of jump squats or lunges make sure your knees never go any further than your feet.

You really have to push yourself and give 200%. I like this mental battle I have to overcome each time I do this workouts. Becuase when you did it, it feels so good and you can be very proud that you pushed yourself this far.


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