My 26 Favorite Core Exercises

Youtube Video


Today I want to share my 26 favorite core exercises with you with another youtube video!
You all know the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” and this is totally true!
But abs and core have to be trained as well as any other muscle of your body. Especially a strong core is very important for posture! This is actually one of my weakest body parts.
I have a very bad hollow back and my back muscles are very strong while my abdominal muscles are rather weak. I also experience to never have sore abs, what is really strange.

I specifically train my core only once a week but this is ok because you are also training your abs when training upper or lower body. Especially when you are doing plyometric and calisthenic moves and aren’t just just using the machines in the gym.

I hope to show you some new moves to include in your routine. There are of course a lot more exercises but these are my favorite ones which really target my whole core and abdominal muscles. And they all can be performed at home! Win!


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