Full Body Outdoor Workout

Youtube Video


Today I want to share a new Youtube Video with you. It is a full body outdoor workout and you don’t really need any equipment. If you have a bench or a wall outside to use and to incorporate into this workout it will challenge you a little more!

When the weather allows it I love to workout in our yard. When I filmed this video me and my boyfriend went to my mothers workplace where they have this beautiful meadow and while they were in the factory I had to go outside for a quick sweat sesh. Actually it was very sunny when I went outside but as soon as I started it became extremely foggy! (the fog looks also pretty awesome) It was too cold to take off my sweater and almost too hot to leave it on #thestruggle

I can’t wait to workout outside and at the beach during my travel! Outdoor workouts challenge you differently, especially mentally, because you have to plan your own workout and have no workout video or instructor in front of you. And you typically have no equipment, it is just you and your body.

So if you have the chance, go workout outside once in a while and maybe try out my workout


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