Travel Checklist

my ultimate ToDo List

When you already made the first steps for your big travel, booked your flights, set up your budget and there are only about 8 weeks left, you maybe want to start working of your travel Checklist. Here is my ultimate Checklist I made up for our travel:

  • Sublease: Look for a subtenant on different platforms (best is to do this about 3 months before). Don’t forget you have to negotiate a sublease contract and that you need an agreement from your lessor.
  • Visa Application: Check if you need a visa (best is to do this about 3 weeks before flight) and if you have to book an entry and departure flight in advance for the application.
  • Passport & Identity card: Make sure you have both and that both are valid for at least another six months after your flight. Also bring some copies with you in case it gets stolen or lost! It will make it a lot easier to get emergency papers (I say this by experience).
  • Travel Guide: buy a Book, PDF or E-Book on kindle, I love Lonely Planet or Rough Guides.
  • Immunization: Check if you need any immunization at your destination.
  • Malaria rescue medication: Maybe you also want to bring a malaria rescue medication with you. Ask your doctor or look it up on a website like (German).
  • Health Insurance: Maybe you want to pay your premiums in advance because no one opens your mail and you may forget about it when traveling. Also make sure your policy includes an accident insurance, especially if you are unemployed.
  • Means of payment: Make sure your debit card is unlocked at your destination and your day/month limit is high enough. You also want to own at least one credit card and maybe also a pre paid credit card.
  • Mail: Redirect your mail to a friends home or your parents home. Or you can also let it store by the mail company.
  • Subscriptions: Maybe you can proclaim or pause any at home you don’t need during your travel like public transportation sub.
  • Tax: Keep in mind that you still have to pay your tax and maybe you can pay them in rates after your travel. Just make a call and ask.
  • Provision: When traveling for a longer time you may have a gap in your provision company pension scheme. Call your compensation office and tell them about the situation. You are able to make a deposit to fill the gap.
  • Pets & plants: Who will take care of your pets and plants? Ask your parents or friends or if you have one, your subtenant.
  • Electric devices: When you don’t have a subtenant, you want to turn off and display any electrical device in your apartment.
  • Car / scooter / motorcycle: maybe you want to pause your insurance and emit your registration number or you want to loan it to friends or family.
  • Subscriptions: If you don’t have a subtenant you could pause your internet and tv subscription
  • Electricity: Again, if you don’t have a subtenant, you should display all electrical devices and maybe also drain and turn off your fridge
  • Bills: Make sure to pay all the bills lying around, even when you don’t have to pay them only next month.
  • Hard Disk: If you want to take a lot of pictures and maybe event want to film during you travel I would suggest to take a laptop with you and an empty hard disk with a big  disk space.
  • Music: Download your music or Spotify playlists to be able to listen to them offline.
  • Maps: If you purchased an e-book you want to print the most important maps and download some google maps to use them offline.




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