Malapascua Island | Philippines


Two weeks ago we left home for our biggest adventure so far – traveling three months through south east asia with our backpacks.

Since then we flew to Singapore, then to Cebu City, spent 3 nights there with Cris’ parents, drove 5h to Maya to head to Malapascua Island by boat, returned to Cebu City for one night, drove 3h to Moalboal, spent 4 nights there and today we headed to Dumaguete, where we are now for 2 nights.

Now I want to share our first Vlog. I will upload them on YouTube and post it here with some more info and details about the travel and the destinations.

Malapascua Island

Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines

We drove from Cebu City North Bus Terminal to Maya Port with an aircon bus from Ceres Tours. The drive took us 5h and we paid 200 Pesos per person. We left at 8.45am and arrived at 3.30pm. We did not eat a proper breakfast and did not bring snacks and this is not a good idea! The bus makes 2 stops but there is nothing good to buy to eat. So be smarter and bring your lunch/snacks.

We arrived at a very small ferry port in Maya with only one counter to buy a boat „ticket“ which was taken away by a guy within seconds and we had to wait. No one told us where or when the boat is going. You have to ask them yourself where the boat is leaving and which boat you have to take. Unfortunately it was low tide so we had to take a very small motorboat to the bangka. This costs another 40 Pesos per bag.  The bigger boat takes 30 min to the island. We arrived on the west side of the island.

There were waiting lots of men to help us with our luggage or to tell us where our accommodation is etc. Because they obviously want a tip and we knew where we wanted to go, we did not need their advice.

We walked straight to White Sands Bungalow, fortunately it was only down the small beach, about 200 meters away. They had available bungalows, but for a higher rate than expected. We paid 1200 Pesos per night. In my research there was always written they would cost about 900 Pesos, but the receptionist told me, that this was long time ago. Because we did not want to walk with our luggage in the heat and we were afraid that other accommodation were fully booked, we paid for one night in the bungalow.

The bungalow looks nicely from the outside, but inside it was dirty, stinky and unhygienic! Also the flush was not working and the receptionist first told me that they just repaired it and that I have to try again. I told them again that it is not working and they still thought that I was too stupid to push the flush. The bathroom was disgusting! It smelled very hard from urine and when I wanted to remove the mirror I saw that the back of the mirror was fully soaked with urine! At least it was not too hot in the bungalow and the fan worked well and they had a big mosquito net installed.

This day we just ate lunch at the restaurant from the owners of the bungalows, a nice thai style restaurant and after unpacking and relaxing a little we walked down bounty beach about 1 km and decided to eat dinner and drink a mango rum cocktail at Evolution Dive Resort which is located almost at the end of bounty beach and a bit allocated from all the other resorts, dive shops, hotels and restaurants. It also had the best music and the best ambience. As it gets dark very early, at 5.30pm, we just sat there till 9pm, when it closes, and went to bed.

The next morning we walked down bounty beach and asked 2-3 other resorts with bungalows for their prices. We walked again 1km to Evolution Dive Resort to eat breakfast because we liked the food so much the other night. It was great again because they have really healthy and fresh meals. We then decided to take a bungalow with fan at Cocobana Beach Resort for 1000 Pesos. It was overall really nice and the location was ideal. This day we just hanged out because it was very sunny and hot!

Beach in Front of Cocobana
View out of Cocobanas Reception

The next day we actually wanted to do a snorkeling boat trip, but it was pouring the whole night like crazy and also the whole morning it rained cats and dogs. We just sat on our balcony and worked on the vlog. In the afternoon we decided to go snorkeling at the north tip of the island by renting a motorbike. Again, it was a lot more expensive than normal. The guy we asked for a motorbike wanted 200 Pesos per hour. He finally gave us the motorbike for 3 hours for 450 Pesos.

As we started our ride with the motorbike we realized that the path was flooded because of the heavy rain, so it was more of a dirt bike ride, but it was very fun! The town is not nice at all. Very poor and dirty and full of garbage. The snorkeling was not very spectacular, but nice anyway. We saw some sea stars and a sea snake, but most of the corals were dead, unfortunately. We don’t know if this is still a result of the Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

The next day we already left Malapascua at 8.15 am with a boat  directly from bounty beach. We arrived at a different port than the first time, which we did not know before, and we had to take a hubbal hubbal to the other port, because the buses only leave there. The drive to Cebu City took us again 5h for 200 Pesos. We arrived at Cebu City South Bus Terminal at 14.30 pm and drove to the Cebu Budget Hotel, which we booked one night before.

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