Moalboal | Cebu, Philippines

Vlog 2 | South East Asia

We are now in the Philippines since 3 weeks and are fully enjoying the time here – eating a lot of food, exploring the islands by motorbike, tanning, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Right now we are in Bohol – to be exact on Panglao Island – to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with Cris’ parents. But now we want to show you our Vlog 2 about our second destination after Malapascua Island: Moalboal on Cebu Island

How to get there

After driving 4 hours back to Cebu City with a Ceres Tours bus we spent one night in Cebu City to buy some stuff we realized we did not have on hand and to get some cash, because our Maestro Card only works at BDO Atm and it is not always sure that they work in the smaller towns. The next morning we took an Uber to the Cebu South Bus Terminal and took another Ceres Tours Bus to Moalboal. This drive took about 2.5h and the ticket was 100 Pesos per person. When we got out of the bus we were in Moalboal town at the public market. There are – as always – a lot of men asking you where you have to go because they want to drive you with their Tricycle. We talked to one driver where we had to go and he offered us a drive for 200 Pesos! For the short distance you normally pay 50P but because we were two persons with a lot of luggage and because the road – he said – is rough, we agreed for a price of 150P.


We reserved for one night the day before via at Marcosas Cottages Resort at Panagsama Beach. The cottage cost 2500P per night with breakfast included. We are always booking just one night to see how it looks and then we extend for more nights (except at Christmas and New Years Eve when everything is fully booked). The cottages and the resort was so nice that we stayed 4 nights there. Panagsama Beach is actually not a beach, it has no sand, just a rocky cliffside. But for diving and snorkeling it is perfect because there are different dive shops and restaurants. Directly in front of the resort you can rent a motorbike for 300P per day. At the resort there is a pool, a little spa (300P for a 30min back massage) and a restaurant, where they cook à la carte. There were so little guests that they cooked exclusively for us sometimes but this also meant that we had to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes for the food. But we figured that out very fast and we ordered something and spent the waiting time at the pool.


We were snorkeling in the morning in front of Asian Belgian Resort which is located between Panagsama and White Beach. They have a little “pavilion” in the water where we left our stuff and from where you can step into the water very easy. They have a beautiful coral reef just about 20 meters offshore.


We went for two dives with Quo Vadis. The staff is very friendly and their equipment is very good. We paid about 3500P per person for two dives including a refreshing course and equipment, what is a very good price! The first dive was at Pescador Island and the second at the Tuble Marine Sanctuary. Unfortunately we didn’t see any sea turtles but the corals and the fish we saw were amazing! Unfortunately we did not have a suitable case for our action cams so we could not film anything while diving.


As mentioned Panagsama Beach has no sand so we drove to White Beach by motorbike which is further north. There you can stay in front of a hotel if you want to buy a drink like we did. Maybe they will add about 10 to 20 Pesos to your bill as a “non-guest fee” and there are some guys selling fresh “buko” (coconut) for 100P.


Kawasan Falls

We drove to the Kawasan Falls in Badian ourself by motorbike what takes about 45 minutes. The drive is very scenic itself and with good weather I would highly suggest to do it yourself! We parked at Matutinao Church for 50P and from there we walked along the Kawasan River into the rainforest. Again the little 10min walk is a beautiful trip itself. I already  knew that the Falls will be very touristy. As it was already 3pm when we arrived, fortunately most tourist were already leaving. As supposed the first fall is surrounded by screaming asian tourists with life jackets and by a very ugly building with some tables to rent. We passed very fast and took the steps to the second fall. This is the one in the video where we swam inside. It was very quiet and just beautiful. Only a few peopled passed by and it almost felt like we were alone in the rainforest getting a little fish spa. Epic!




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