Quinoa Bowl

& my actual eating habits


I shared a basic recipe for Quinoa Porridge here quite a while ago. In this post I actually want to talk about my eating habits right now.

As you know I was traveling for 3 months and 2 months I was in the Philippines. As I love the country for its nature and people, I don’t like the food they have. There is really NO chance to eat healthy! The only whole food you can get is fruit – the most amazing Mango, yummy Bananas, sweet Pineapples, juicy Papaya etc. All the meals they cook are full of fat and full of sugar! So as we arrived in Bali, where we spent 3 weeks, I thought I was in food heaven! And since then I am obsessed with all the bowls 🙂

Quinoa Bowl 1So since about 6 weeks I am back into eating healthy whole foods and since 3 weeks I am back home and back into my workout routine which I missed so much! And I am eating different than before my travel, I am trying a more paleo based diet right now. Of course I am not doing it 100% because I don’t want to restrict myself in any way but about 90% of my meals are paleo.

Also a big change I made, which was really difficult for me, is to eat more savory breakfast. And I don’t eat oatmeal anymore! So if I am craving something sweet for breakfast I would definitely eat a quinoa bowl now.Quinoa Bowl 4

Most of my meals consist of a base of fresh spinach and are topped with veggies, most of the time I use zucchini, pumpkin/squash, sweet corn and tomatoes. Then I add a source of protein like chicken or fish. My go to snacks are smoothies, smoothie bowls, mug cakes, fruit, nuts, teas and almond milk lattes or hot chocolate.

For now it is going really well and I don’t feel restricted and most important I don’t crave any bad food! Of course I allow myself some dark chocolate everyday what really helps me to be happy and satisfied. And this is obviously the most important 🙂


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