South East Asia | Travel Vlog 5 | Cacnipa Island, Palawan, Philippines

Traveling South East Asia, Island Hopping in the Philippines, Saving Baby Turtles on Cacnipa Island


It is finally time for our 5th South East Asia Travel Vlog about Cacnipa Island which is located in Palawan, Philippines.

Our horror trip from Bohol to Puerto Princesa

We planned to head to Cebu City from Bohol by ferry and to fly then from Cebu to Puerto Princesa. We already booked our flight and the hotel in Puerto Princesa. On 3 January we went to the ferry port in Tagbilaran, Bohol, at 10am and… we were shocked how many people were waiting in line and then we read the shocking news: Fully booked, no ferries till 6pm! And then our horror trip began. We bought a ferry ticket for 6pm because we had to leave Bohol, no matter what time, today. But we still hoped to catch another ferry to Cebu at another ferry port 1h north of Tagbilaran. So we drove there with a taxi driver who assured that he will call his colleague which will buy us a ticket for the 2 or 3pm ferry. As we already drove for about 30min he told us that his colleague could only buy a ticket for the 4pm ferry and so we had no chance to catch our flight at 5.30pm in Cebu anymore.

So it happened that we arrived in Cebu City around 7pm (the 4pm ferry was about 45min delayed) and paid for two ferry tickets, for a way too expensive taxi drive and missed our flight to Puerto Princesa. So we drove straight to the airport to buy another ticket for the next day and to get another surprise… there were no direct flights anymore as our missed flight was and the connecting flights via Manila were double the price as our missed direct flight. When we finally bought the ticket for the next day we had to find a hotel for the night, fortunately there are a few budget hotels near the airport.

Puerto Princesa – the capital of Palawan

The rest of the trip went without problems and we finally arrived in Puerto Princesa at around 5pm and drove to the Marianne Hotel which we booked ahead to meet my dad who came to Palawan to join us on our travel for one month. The whole next day we spent planning our round trip in Palawan. We realized that lots of hotels are fully booked, especially in the tourist hot spots like Port Barton and El Nido. So it was quite a struggle to book hotels ahead.

We did not see a lot of the city but we had to get enough cash for the trip because there are only two ATM in El Nido and they are not always working. And we also had to get some snacks because we planned to spent two days on an island without any stores. The city is quite pretty compared to any other cities in the Philippines but also not that big.

Cacnipa Island

On 5 January – on my birthday – we drove 4h to Port Barton by minivan. We booked the minivan through our hotel and paid 400 Pesos per person. We spent one night at Bing & Vice. The next day we got picked up at the beach at 10am by the service boat from Coconut Garden Beach Resort at Cacnipa Island. This small island is around 30 minutes away from Port Barton and is truly a paradise! The small resort is owned by a Swiss guy – of course we had to visit it 🙂 we had a small, cute bamboo hut for 1700 Pesos per night (because we were 3 persons, it would be 1400P for two persons).

The beach is beautiful and quite, the water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming. There is even a little jungle trail behind the resort and you can chose between the longer trail, which is about 40 minutes, and the shorter trail, which is only about 20 minutes. Our hut was very near to the forest and so it happened that we spotted some monkeys in our “backyard” 🙂

You can see in our video, that we somehow “stole” 4 baby turtles and let them into the ocean. You probably asked yourself “what the heck are they doing?” The staff of the resort told us, that they have baby turtles in their garden and they also told us, that they would save them from being killed by birds or big fishes. First we thought that this was a great idea and of course they only had good intensions. But then we saw that they kept 13 turtles in a small bucket and they also told us, that they are keeping them for 2 weeks in there! And last but not least they fed them with pieces of raw fish! Hell no! They will never survive this torture, because baby turtles don’t eat fish, they eat plankton. And after two weeks in a small bucket, paddling 24h and being stressed out as fuck, they will not have the energy to get out in the ocean anymore. So we faced a plan: we wanted to save at least 4 of them and let them free the next morning. No sooner said than done. Cris grabbed four baby turtles this night and we kept them in our hut for the night. The next morning we got up at 5am to film the sunrise and to set them free into the ocean. An amazing and unforgettable moment!

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