Anti Inflammatory Smoothie

Superfoods: Turmeric, Ginger & Cinnamon


Since one month I suffer from a typewriter’s cramp in my right wrist. And it comes from #guesswhat TYPEWRITING! I work as a transcript writer one to three days a week since 3 years but now I am certified unfit for work since one month #shithappens
right now I am mostly typing with my left hand so I keep it short ∴

To help my inflamed body and wrist healing I incorporated a lot of turmeric into my diet and created this amazing Smoothie to fight the inflammation in my body. Here you see all the ingredients at a glance:


If you don’t have fresh turmeric and ginger you can also use the powder. But the fresh roots are more intense and effective. My green smoothie mix is the Ultra Cleanse from Tropeaka and my pea protein powder is the Lean Protein from Tropeaka.

Put all the dry ingredients into your blender and fill in 100ml of coconut milk and 300ml of water (depending on how thick or watery you like it) or just use 400ml of coconut water. Depending on your macros this may be even better because coconut milk is quite high in fats… the healthy ones of course!

Pour into a jar and throw in some ice cubes and there you have an amazing Smoothie which heals your body from the inside ♥


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