Sweaty and Intense Legs and Glutes Workout

Legs and Glutes Workout, No Machines, only Bodyweight and Free Weights

What’s better than a sweaty and intense legs and glutes workout?! Not much in my opinion. I train legs & glutes 2-3 times a week and incorporate lower & full body plyometric exercises in my daily workouts. For this workout you don’t need any machines and you can do them even at home with something to step on and with a pair of dumbbells.


Warm Up 5-10 minutes on the stair master, with skipping, jumping jacks or whatever gets your heart rate up and activates your muscles and joints.

Banded Crab Walk
4x 12 reps

Side Lunge & Jump
4x 12 reps

Step Up & Knee Raise
2x 12 reps per leg

Weighted Sumo Squat
4x 10 reps

Barbell Split Squats
3x 10 reps per leg

Barbell Curtsy Lunges
4x 12 reps

Cable Kick Backs
3x 10 reps per leg

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