Macro Tracking | Calorie Deficit | Intermittent Fasting

Update about my current eating habits and diet


Smoothie Bowl


Last time I wrote about my current diet in this post I was just back home from traveling for a few weeks and wanted to reduce my body fat and get fit again. I was back into intuitive eating and made one big change in my diet: eating mostly savory breakfast! Maybe you also saw this Instagram post where I wrote that I am into Intermittent Fasting since quite a while. Then I posted this picture on Insta when I was into tracking macros since two weeks.

Now I am doing intermittent fasting since 2.5 months and tracking my macros to be in a caloric deficit (aka “mini cut”) since 1.5 months.

I actually don’t know yet if I lost any body fat but I will find out in two weeks or so. But I am pretty sure that I lost body fat and built some muscles again, because in this progress picture I can see a small difference but the scales show the same weight, which is a good sign.

Smoothie Bowl

In this very first month of cutting I was eating very low carb & very high fat

because for me it is much easier to cut my calories in the carb section than in the fat section and I was cutting out Gluten & Dairy from my diet to find out which foods make me bloated and cause my digestive & gut problems. Or to be real: bloating & diarrhea 

Now I want to increase my carb intake a little bit by eating gluten free options like quinoa, buckwheat or corn more often and I want to incorporate lactose free dairy products like cottage cheese, greek yogurt and low fat curd cheese to see how I get along with it.

Smoothie Bowl

My goal macros are 25% Protein, 35% Fat, 40% Carbs and I am aiming for a 200-300 calorie deficit every day

I am eating in a quite big calorie range between 1600 up to 2000 calories a day because I am wearing my Polar Watch all the time and tracking my workouts with it and adjusting my calorie intake to my day.

Please consider: These macros are very specific and tailored by me for me because I learned a lot about my body the past two years. If you are new to macro tracking then I would suggest to calculate your macros on and begin with the standard macros they suggest you for free.

To conclude this post: I am feeling very happy with my current diet because it allows me to eat everything I want in moderation and keeps me on track with my fitness goals. I am going on a spontaneous Austria road trip with friends next week and will probably not be able to do IF then but I will try to get in a lot of activity and to stay in a calorie deficit. But there is no reason to not enjoy some treats and to break the routine.


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