Train and Strengthen your Upper Body

Upper Body Workout with an injured wrist


I made up this upper body workout when I had to rest my right wrist in May. I always had weak wrists – especially since I broke my right wrist as a teenager while snowboarding – but when I came home from my travel and began working again as a typewriter I had a very ugly “typewriters cramp” and had to treat my right wrist with care for about two months. It was a challenge to still strengthen my upper body without straining my wrist, but it was possible, I just had to be creative with the exercises.

Here is an upper body workout with exercises which do not strain the wrists because they are performed on the elbows and because you do not have to bend your wrists for them:

Upper Body Workout

Perform every exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat every exercise 4 times before moving on to the next exercise

  • Plank Jacks on elbows
  • Plank Snap Jumps on elbows on Bosu Ball
  • Swiss Ball Roll Outs
  • Squat & Press
  • Reverse Crunch & Heel Raise
  • Side Plank Crunch
  • Lunge & Side Raise



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