Pineapple Boats and Happiness

Creative Treats and 5 simple things I do to be happier


Today I have some pictures of a pretty, creative and healthy treat for you: Ice Cream Pineapple Boats which I created a few weeks ago. Furthermore I wanted to share 5 simple things with you which I (try to) do on a regular basis to be happier in the daily grind.

Pineapple Boats and Happiness



1 Creating something, even if it sucks!

I try to create something and if I fail, I try it again or I try something new. For example a new recipe, a new workout, a new hairstyle, a new video etc. It doesn’t matter if it is something very simple and small or something bigger and long-term.

2 Exploring new places!

Either in my neighbourhood or in my city, sometimes even in an other country, or I go hiking in an other region or swimming in a new lake. I also love trying out new restaurants or cafés and want to avoid going to the same places all the time.

3 Walking more!

If it is not longer than 15 minutes and I don’t have too many bags to carry I will walk the distance. And I also try to be more aware of my surroundings while walking. It is like meditating for me when I go outside and just walk with some music in my ears and sometimes don’t know where my feet will bring me.

Pineapple Boats and Happiness

4 Surrounding myself with beautiful things that inspire me!

For example pictures, flowers, pillows, tableware, stationary etc. These things do also not have to be expensive and can even be for free, I like picked flowers from the meadow or a nice stone from a hike.

5 Treating myself just because!

I allow myself to eat foods I really enjoy every day, but most times I choose the healthy version. Treat yourself by takin a bath or whatever you deeply enjoy and most important, there doesn’t even have to be a reason for rewarding yourself. Because you are enough.



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