Finding a new routine

and readopting an old passion


One month ago my gym membership ended and I didn’t renew it. Because since a longer time, about 3 months, I wasn’t motivated to go to the gym anymore. And instead of dreading myself to the gym every other day to do a workout I don’t really enjoy I decided to readopt a big passion of mine I neglected a long time – dancing.

I did hip hop dancing from the age of 13 to 17, then started dancing ballet and jazz dance for 2 years, stopped dancing for 2 years, began with ballet and jazz again for 3 years and stopped again 2 years ago.

For the last two years I was very passionate about fitness and going to the gym 4-6 times a week but it slowly changed. First I was afraid to not go to the gym. I was afraid that all my hard work will be gone in one week, that I will loose all my muscle and that I will get to the point I was two years ago. But this can’t happen because I have grown a lot in the last two years – not only physically. I want to listen to my heart and just do the things I really enjoy. And maybe I miss the gym in a few months and return.

The challenge I am facing now is developing a new routine which is always hard at the beginning but also somehow exciting.

I wanted to share this little story to encourage you to stop doing the things you don’t like anymore, even if you liked it once, and start doing the things you love, even if you may have stopped loving it for a while.

We change so much – every day we change our opinion, every week we learn something new, every month we have other goals and every year we can totally decide to do the opposite of the things we did last year.


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