Anti Inflammatory Smoothie

Superfoods: Turmeric, Ginger & Cinnamon


Since one month I suffer from a typewriter’s cramp in my right wrist. And it comes from #guesswhat TYPEWRITING! I work as a transcript writer one to three days a week since 3 years but now I am certified unfit for work since one month #shithappens
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Smoothie Bowl

Green Healthy Protein Booster


It’s quite a while since I posted this Açai Bowl and now it is time for the recipe for this green and protein packed beauty:

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Glute Exercises with Minibands

Activation | Warm Up | Finisher


A new YouTube video is up and in this video I show you some Glute Exercises with a mini band which you can use for Glute Activation, for a Warm Up, for a Finisher or for a whole workout.
My Minibands are from Ochsner Sport and they came in 3 different intensities.


South East Asia | Travel Vlog 5 | Cacnipa Island, Palawan, Philippines

Traveling South East Asia, Island Hopping in the Philippines, Saving Baby Turtles on Cacnipa Island


It is finally time for our 5th South East Asia Travel Vlog about Cacnipa Island which is located in Palawan, Philippines.

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Quinoa Bowl

& my actual eating habits


I shared a basic recipe for Quinoa Porridge here quite a while ago. In this post I actually want to talk about my eating habits right now. Continue reading “Quinoa Bowl”

Siquijor Island, Philippines

South East Asia | Travel Vlog 3


Welcome to a new post and a new Youtube video about Siquijor, an island in the Visayas in the Philippines.

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Moalboal | Cebu, Philippines

Vlog 2 | South East Asia

We are now in the Philippines since 3 weeks and are fully enjoying the time here – eating a lot of food, exploring the islands by motorbike, tanning, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Right now we are in Bohol – to be exact on Panglao Island – to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with Cris’ parents. But now we want to show you our Vlog 2 about our second destination after Malapascua Island: Moalboal on Cebu Island

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Malapascua Island | Philippines


Two weeks ago we left home for our biggest adventure so far – traveling three months through south east asia with our backpacks.

Since then we flew to Singapore, then to Cebu City, spent 3 nights there with Cris’ parents, drove 5h to Maya to head to Malapascua Island by boat, returned to Cebu City for one night, drove 3h to Moalboal, spent 4 nights there and today we headed to Dumaguete, where we are now for 2 nights.

Now I want to share our first Vlog. I will upload them on YouTube and post it here with some more info and details about the travel and the destinations.

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Travel Checklist

my ultimate ToDo List

When you already made the first steps for your big travel, booked your flights, set up your budget and there are only about 8 weeks left, you maybe want to start working of your travel Checklist. Here is my ultimate Checklist I made up for our travel:

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Travel Budget

How to calculate your costs for traveling

On my post about how to plan your big travel I said that I will share our budget for a 3-month travel in South East Asia and some tips about how you can set up your own budget.

In business school and in my studies I learned a little about budgets and calculation and I like setting up budgets and plans.

So here we go! Here is our budget for 3 months: Continue reading “Travel Budget”