Travel Budget

How to calculate your costs for traveling

On my post about how to plan your big travel I said that I will share our budget for a 3-month travel in South East Asia and some tips about how you can set up your own budget.

In business school and in my studies I learned a little about budgets and calculation and I like setting up budgets and plans.

So here we go! Here is our budget for 3 months: Continue reading “Travel Budget”

The first 3 steps to plan your big travel

My top 3 tips for you


(Post auf Deutsch weiter unten)

Today I want to write about something not fitness related. As the name of my blog says I also want to write about traveling because this is my other passion in life. I grew up traveling a lot with my parents: we have been traveling in the USA, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Tunisia, Albania, Croatia, Italy and all around our homeland Switzerland. Most of the times we were traveling with a car and sleeping in a tent, it was always very adventurous and minimalistic. My own traveling style is similar but I like to have it a little bit more comfortable than my parents, especially my dad. He traveled almost the whole world and is the most extreme backpacker I know – besides my sister. So I learned a lot from my parents about traveling and I am so grateful for this experiences during my childhood and youth. Continue reading “The first 3 steps to plan your big travel”

The Beginning

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am so happy to share my first post with you!
This blog was in my mind for such a long time and last month I told myself: just do it!
On my blog I wanna write about three things in my life I am passionate about. The name of the blog already says it: I love to train, I love to treat myself, I love to travel!

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