Bohol | Philippines

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Welcome to a new post about Bohol, an island in the Visayas in the Philippines. We spent Christmas and New Years Eve with Cris’ parents on Bohol, to be more exact, on Panglao island, which is a small half-island on the south. There is also Alona Beach – the most popular beach on Bohol with all the Resorts, Restaurants and Dive Shops. Continue reading “Bohol | Philippines”

The first 3 steps to plan your big travel

My top 3 tips for you


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Today I want to write about something not fitness related. As the name of my blog says I also want to write about traveling because this is my other passion in life. I grew up traveling a lot with my parents: we have been traveling in the USA, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Tunisia, Albania, Croatia, Italy and all around our homeland Switzerland. Most of the times we were traveling with a car and sleeping in a tent, it was always very adventurous and minimalistic. My own traveling style is similar but I like to have it a little bit more comfortable than my parents, especially my dad. He traveled almost the whole world and is the most extreme backpacker I know – besides my sister. So I learned a lot from my parents about traveling and I am so grateful for this experiences during my childhood and youth. Continue reading “The first 3 steps to plan your big travel”